Senior Portraits (New Prices, 6/14/12)

Ron Hawkes Photography is going to try and make it easy for everyone. Book your 2012 senior portraits now for this summer and lock in your super price. $100. outdoors, within 20 miles of Rockland, one hour of shooting, as many changes as you can and want to fit in. You get up to 50 of your favorite photos on a CD completely edited and ready to print. Two hours $175. You get up to 100 of your favorite photos on a CD completely edited and ready to print. How to get the best senior photos: ● Bring lots of clothing choices: vary the colors, style (all one look gets boring) and dress level . ● Solid colors work best. Avoid large or bold patterns, stripes, plaid. They draw attention away from the face. ● Darker clothing tends to minimize body size. ● Remember to bring all accessories for each outfit: jewelry, undergarments, socks, shoes. ● If you are an athlete, think about uniform or equipment, they make great photos. ● White or pastel colors are good for lighter backgrounds. Black is perfect for black background and black and white photos. Most of the shots are close up as we focus on you and your face, but others are full length. Wear clothes that 10-20 years from now you will look back and be thankful you wore what you did. Make-up & Skin: ● We have a make up artist available for an additional cost if you want or need the professional help to look your very best. Make-up should be only slightly heavier than normal. ● Avoid sunburn or excessive tanning. Sunburns are nearly impossible to fix. Suntan lines are also tricky, so you should vary your shirt sleeves and bathing suit straps when tanning to avoid lines. ● Don’t worry about blemishes as they can be easily retouched. Teeth whitening and extensive editing are billed at $50. per hour. (background changes, tattoo's, etc). Hair: ● Quick, easy hairstyle changes during your session are OK, but make it quick or you lose camera time. ● Bring your hair care tools and products with you. ● Although our photographer tries to help with hair, hair style is ultimately YOUR responsibility. Props: ● Bring props that help define who you are. Some examples are: sports equipment, uniforms, music instruments, hobbies, whatever you would like in your pictures. (No Pets) Call for your appointment anytime from the end of your junior year to the start of your senior year. Don't wait until the last minute. Take a day in the summer when you can really put some thought into what you want your senior photos to look like. For appointments call 975-2311 For more information e-mail

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